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Need help mapping keys.

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Hi Every one I just picked up an m65 having switched from the logitech peripherals.


I feel kind of dumb saying this but im really confused as to how I map simple buttons to the mouse.


For Example Counter Strike lets say I wanted to map one of the buttons on the mouse to crouch and the other to throw a grenade. I'm assuming this is done through the CUE and then I can load the profile when the game loads. Youtube really hasn't helped me in figuring this out.


If some one is kind enough to give me a quick run down or point me in the direction of a guide that lays it out, it would be much appreciated.

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Hi sexwitmyglasses,


Welcome to the forum!


First thing you should do is download CUE and make sure you have the latest FW for the mouse itself.


To map a button:


1. Open up CUE and click on the assignments tab

2. Click on the drop down menu of the button you want to remap

3. Select Remap key/button and select typing key

4. On the second drop down right below, select modifiers and lock keys

5. select "LEft CTRL" and then hit remap


You have now remapped that specific key to crouch in CS. I hope that helps

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