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Best way to cool Air 240 with H100i v2 and 4 AF120 led?


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So I purchased 4 AF120 led quiet fans. I have the air 240 case, and the h100i v2. The case has 3 stock af120 fans. So that makes a total of...9 fans and radiator to play with.


I'm considering to have the 2 sp120 push, 2 af120 led pull the h100i v2 on the front. Ill place the remaining 2 af120 led on the top end as exhaust. I'll place 1 stock on case side as exhaust, and the remaining 2 stock on the bottom as intake.


I'm currently looking at this




The evercool will connect to PSU and the CPU_FAN. Can I place the pump power cable coming from the h100i v2 (after using the included splitters to connect the 4 fans attached to radiator) onto the pwn fan from the evercool?


Since this will connect only up to 8, the 1 remaining to PSU can connect to motherboard since there is an additional chassis fan connector.


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I'm not sure that you need that much cooling in that case. You may not have room for push/pull on the rad in the front, but, if you do, it will probably only drop the cpu temp by 2-3 degrees, with an increase in noise. The rad in the front with the 3 fans in the top for extraction and maybe one on the bottom or side as intake, should be a balanced system.


I currently run a 900D with 3 x 120 mm fans on the front as intakes, a 280 mm rad on the top as exhaust and a 14 mm fan on the back as exhaust. The case fans don't run for the majority of the time and the system is nice and quiet.

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