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H80i GT vs H80i V2


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can you tell me the differences between the H80i GT and the H80i GT V2 please?


It seems very very similar products.


Does they have the same radiator?


From what I have been told, they are the same, just a new name. I am in the middle of RMAing my GT and they are sending me a V2 to replace it.


Someone correct me if I'm wrong (firmware difference or whatever), but they are both Asetek, both the same look/dimensions, and should perform essentially identically.


The V2 is replacing the GT SKU in the new lineup so the V2 is the newer one.

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Those two versions are technically the same in terms of performance and build quality, no difference in FW either. The only difference is that the V2 units have had their CPU blocks slightly tweaked to ensure compatibility with some Skylake m-ITX boards that may have components really close to the socket.


I think Greybeard is incorrect about the firmware being the same.


Obviously SIV can report the H100iV2, but I was not expecting there to be a difference. What are the differences please?
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