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Product Line Becoming Stale - New Products Please?!


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I'm currently looking forwards to doing a new build. I'm currently rocking the 750D and was one of the first adopters to get the "airflow" front right after it's conception and release from the forum to the store.


The Obsidian series has existed now for a few years, including other model lineups as well. I would think its time to start replacing or revamping some of these. One of the reasons being the technology going into them changing.


I love the value and quality Corsair products being to the table and would love to have something fresh for this build without the stupid extra's I don't need. I wouldn't really consider other brands in this regard. Some of the things I'm looking for:


- mid/full tower


- No 5.25 bays...who still uses optical drives? get that **** out of here, lol. I'ts a gigantic waste of space. At least make a removable cage if not.


- Removable/No 3.5 bays. Love the way I can remove those in my 750D and just utilize the 2.5's along the backside.


With 5.25 bays (to me) becoming a thing of the past, it makes sense as a forward thinking product to utilize this. You could get rid of so much wasted space getting rid of these and really cleanup the inside of the case doing so. Hard drive bays as well...with SSD's really taking off, the only thing that makes sense are 2.5" bays, but staying removable as well. With the addition of m.2/msata drives...this is going to be a thing of the past as well.


I hope you're showing something off at Computex, Corsair. We need some updated stuff!


Sincerely yours,


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Outside of stating the obvious...our engineers and designers are always working on next gen cases and trying to incorporate more of the new tech coming out. Our 400C/Q and 600C/Q which came out not long ago fit exactly into the pre-reqs you suggested. We'll continue to keep releasing new designs until we say otherwise.
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+1 for waiting for new Obsidian Series cases from Corsair. I'm currently rocking a 6 year old 650D and would like to upgrade to either the 900D or 750D but both are so old that I worry the 910D or 760D will come out shortly after.



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