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HG10 compatible with a 1080?


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Ok, so I think I found the problem. The H80 hoses are so SO stiff that they are warping the graphics card, and losing contact with the chip. I have found that I if unscrew the block from my case and hold it at a non-stressed position temperatures immediately fall to ~48C at Load. As soon as moved back to any realistic position temperatures rise again to 70-ish. In very bad positions up to 80+

My case isn't exactly small (in win 909) I just cant believe how horribly stiff the hoses are.

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I used the HG10 980 - only 1 of the screw holes doesn't line up but that's no big deal. Otherwise nothing extra was required. Here's some pics:


Can clearly see the bit I had to chop out :)





Close up:





Mounted to the card:





And a close up from the side:



Thats great thanks as I also have one of these on a 980Ti
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