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Media / Lightning control keys don't work


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I have a non RGB K95. One of my lovely cats decided to urinate near my keyboard and caused all sorts of crazy thing to happen (some lights were flashing and windows was going a bit crazy).


I put the keyboard in the airing cupboard for a few days. I then stripped it down, cleaned all of the PCB's with isopropyl alcohol and back in the airing cupboard it went.


Reassembled it and some things are working and some are not.


The main function of the keys work fine, arrow keys, number pad etc all work OK. The media controls do not work (though the volume wheel does). The buttons to control windows key, set lights and lightning brightness do not work. I can adjust the brightness through the software. As far as I can tell the LEDs are working (around 22 are on, but keyboard is set to use the specific LEDS, rather than all of them, can change with the profile switch button).


I would like to know two things:


1) Is there anyway to control which keys are lit through software (either by selecting them all or allowing me to set which ones I want on


2) Is it possible to obtain a replacement PCB for the media controls & lighting controls



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