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Compatible with CMX512-4000PT XMS4000V1.1


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I have two sticks of CMX512-4000PT in the blue memory slots of my ASUS P4C800-E Dlx MB. I believe these were a "twinAX" pair. Memtest86 reports i875P, ECC disabled, FSB 219, PAT Enabled, RAM146, DDR 292, CAS 3 4 4 8 Dual Channel. (I overclock from 3.2 to 3.5 GHz using Asus's bios overclocking feature. Everything runs stable and within temperature limits)


I want to add two more 512Mb sticks in the black memory sockets to bring my memory total to 2 Gb. What Corsair part number(s) will be compatible?


My first attempt resulted in a restocking fee at Newegg. I'd like to avoid that next time.





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