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Cooling solution for MSI 390X


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This massage is for Corsair development team.


Hello Corsair Team im currently using many of your product on my current build I really like your slick design on such as the Obsidian line up such as the 350D love this case. However I have a MSI 390X this devil of card still generates lots of heat which I can feel thru the window. I like the solution you gave the AMD 290, and I was wondering if you can consider the same solution for the MSI 390X as is the card that im using and im sure theirs many other using the same card and looking for a more affordable cooling solution for this card. I can go do my own however it will cost more than the card its self. I would like slap a H80I V2 on this card however their no mounting kit such as like the 290. Can Corsair consider such request?

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