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Hxi750W fan


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Hi Guys


I finally bit the bullet and purchased a hxi750w power supply

I love it but I am having some issues with the fan.

I understand the fan only spins up when it needs too but i notice in corsair link the psu reaches up to 55 degrees celsius and the fan still sits at 0 rpm. If i try to manually set the fan to 100% it still does nothing. I also have noticed a strange odor from the psu since i installed it. I figure it might be that new car smell and will "burn" off after time. right now at idle in my pc it is sitting at 48 celsius



My rig,


Case : CM HAF XM

CPU: AMD 6300 fx

CPU Cooler : Corsair H80i

GPU : Sapphire nitro r9 280x 4gb

RAM : 16 gb corsair LP @ 1866

Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth 990fx R 1.0

PSU: Corsair HXI750w

Case Fans: 2 200mm CM Megaflow Top - Exhaust

1 200mm CM Megaflow Side Door - Intake

1 200mm CM Megaflow Front Panel - Intake

1 120mm CM Sickleflow HDD bay- Intake

2 120mm Corsair H80i Stock fans Back - Exhaust

HDD: 1 3TB Seagate Barracuda

1 3TB Toshiba

1 1TB Seagate Barracuda


SSD: 1 250GB Samsung Evo



*** image for reference****



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The readings could possibly be wrong on the Corsair Link, have you physically touched the PSU? Does it feel really hot?


-Is your fan turning on when you first do a cold boot?


it does feel hot when i touch it. the fan spins when i use the test button.


Updating link to the most recent update (may 11) seemed to have fixed the issue. i have set the psu fan to be on at 50% and now my temps are around 30 degrees cel when set to default. temps rise to high 40s fairly fast and the fans do not kick on

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