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Need a link to 2.04 firmware file - it fails again


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(This isn't the RGB version, the drop-down menu didn't have it.)


I had this problem in the past, it seems nobody bothered to fix it yet :(



I used a workaround, but now I can't because there aren't any newer firmware files to play with.


Edit: I should also mention that this Here did not work.


To mods: I'm requesting a download link to the 2.04 .bin file for the STRAFE non-RGB so I can install it locally, thank you in advance.



EDIT: After trying everything, I finally found a solution. I had to lower the polling rate from 1000hz to 500hz and the update then worked. Switching between the two settings also needs me to restart CUE because it stops recognizing my keyboard. Really weird stuff going on with this software, I hope someone from Corsair finally reads these and gets it addressed. For now I guess if the update fails try to temporarily go down to 500hz. I hope this helps people with the same problem.

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