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Question about H100i GTX


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Having passed recently to a 144Hz monitor, now when I play the cpu works constantly at 100% and I noticed that the area where the radiator is connected to the pump discharge pipe and a small part of the left of the radiator are very hot.

The contrary the rest of the radiator is warm and outgoing pipe from the radiator is warm / cool.

The water temperature is around 41 ° C (ambient temperature 24 ° C) - Noctua NF-F12 fan to 92% - pump performance mode - Carbide 500R (installed on top)

Before I had a H100i and when I played the radiator warmed evenly.


And 'this normal behavior?


( Circled in red the hot zone)


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At idle on the desktop, your water temperature is 41C? Is the CPU at full load at the desktop?


Your initial description sounds very much like a flow restriction inside the radiator, however the 144Hz monitor should not drastically alter the load when gaming and not at all at the desktop level. I am trying to discern if we have one problem or two.

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At idle on the desktop the water temperature is around 31 ° C, with the temperature of the cpu to 38 - 40 ° C

Last night I did some tests for example disconnect the fan close to the tubes and the radiator warmed completely.

At this point it makes me think that with the first fan manages to dispose of most of the heat produced.

(I5 4670K @ 4,4Ghz)

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