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How-to: Emulate Numpad keys on the tenkeyless K65 RGB


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first post :)


1.0 We emulate the Numlock key being activated in Windows.

1.1 Start the registry editor "regedit". Do this by typing "regedit" in the windows search bar, then press enter.

1.2 Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Control Panel/Keyboard

1.3 Set the value of InitialKeyboardIndicators to "2". Do this by clicking on the list item, then enter 2.


2. Now we set a mode in CUE which remaps 9 keys to the numpad keys. Which keys you choose is up to you. I chose the block of 9 keys on the upper right above the direction keys, because it has the almost same key layout as a Numpad. For example, i remapped "PageUp" to "Keypad 6 right" and "PageDown" to "Keypad 3" and so on.

To activate this mode, i chose the Fn key. Also i chose to illuminate this block of keys when the Fn mode is activated.


Now you can press "Fn" + "Delete" to type a 1, and "Fn" + "PageDown" to type a 3, and so on.

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