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Mouse M65 RGB CH-9000109-NA - not saved in the internal memory


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I just bought this mouse (I had a M60 for 4 years), and even though I try many ways to save the remapping keys in the internal mouse memory, it never happens, that is, just close the CUE the keys back to their default setting.


I've tried to use to enter USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, but nothing worked.


What else can I do to make the key remapping be recorded in the mouse memory?




Fernando Cruz

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I guess the new mice that use CUE don't support hardware playback. The old vengeance m6x, m9x did.


Saving a profile on the onboard memory saves ONLY the static lighting. For any macro/remap you need to have CUE active and running in background. There is no "hardware mode" for macros.



Hummmm... ok, thanks!

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