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Corsair AX 860 - UK version has different pinout compared to US one?

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Hello everyone,


I am currently sleeving my PSU (AX 860) ATX cables, and of course before I pulled out any cable I took note of their respective locations and wrote it down.


Before putting them back I wanted to double-check against some diagrams found online, in particular Lutro0's repository of PSU pin outs, which also features Corsair AX 860.


His diagram is different from mine, and this worries me; and we are not talking one or two wires, pretty much all of them are different (and yes, I took into account the possible differences on from which side he is viewing the connectors).


Could this be that the US version has a different pin mapping? Does anyone knows how I can compare my mapping with a reliable one?

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i'm like 99.9999% sure that there is no "uk" or "us" or any other version of the PSU itself. the only thing that separates the different SKUs is the AC power cable the unit comes with. all computer PSUs can accept any utility power ranging from 100 - 240 volts.


computer parts are universal. if you buy a unit in the US, brazil, south africa, UK or China, the product should be identical.


this leads to believe that either his diagram or your diagram is wrong.

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