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Macro problems


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Hello Today i bought a Corsair k30 and for a long while i've been using another keyboard with the same kind of "g-keys" macro keys whatever.


To the problem, i want my g keys to function as my f1-f6 keys for keybinding convinience however i cant seem to make the keys do that. i've seen alot of videos and read trheads about it and i follow every step but i cant seem to quite get them to work, please help me out here.


This is what i do For macro setup 1 with the program up


i press MR then the assigned g key "g1" and then i press f1 on the keyboard and i press the MR button again. then i do this f1-f6 save the profile and check hardware playback and then i close it down.


the assignements are saved etc when i open the program but my g1 does not function as f1

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