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K70 G Key and M65 Middle Click


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I've got a K70 RGB and an M65 (RGB as well). I was pretty dang happy with them at first. I purchased them at the beginning of 2015 (if my memory serves), so I'm coming up on a year and a half (I actually created this user account shortly before then). I'm having issues with both of them now, however.


First, the keyboard is mostly fine, except that the "G" key started acting up about two months ago. I've tried playing around with the polling switch and with the computers I've got handy, but sporadically the key either won't register, or it will register twice per keystroke. I've seen others report problems with other keys, and while one faulty key is enough for me to want to replace it, I'm also worried others will start failing too.


Then, with the M65, I've nearly lost function of the middle-click. I have to press down ridiculously hard for it to register, and I can replicate this too across computers. I was able to see that others are apparently having this problem as well.


I want to know what my options are. I don't want to keep faulty hardware. I can get reliable peripherals that cost less than what I paid for these (admittedly, a bit of a splurge). Is it possible to do an RMA? I imagine I would have to hunt down my purchase information (my fault for not anticipating this possibility, or registering them). My other concern is if I *do* go for an RMA, are these products just prone to failure, or did I just get unlucky with both these? Are there other Corsair products that are reasonably hardy that I could... substitute for an RMA (it sounds ridiculous now that I type it out)?


Or should I just cut my losses and get practical replacements? I'm certainly not just going to re-purchase them again, given my experience.


Any help/advice/direction either from Corsair or others would be appreciated. I don't really want to complain/be difficult, but I do want my stuff to work and know my options. Thanks!

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