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k95 & Scimitar RGB


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So I have a k95 & Scimitar RGB and I want to start using my programable keys. On my mouse I want to 12 /11/ & 10 to be Forward/Backwards & NewTAb for when I'm browsing on the internet. I tried setting it up and it just did not work. Then for keys 1-9 I figured I would assign it to the numpad I thought I got it to work but I could not get it to work for anything.
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How are you mapping your keys? I will provide you steps to follow just in case you missed something. CUE also needs to be running in order for the mapped keys to work.


How to remap keys to the SCIMITAR:


1. Open up CUE

2. Click on assignments tab

3. Select the numbers you would like to remap and click on the drop down

4. Select Remap key/ Button

5. Click on the drop down and select "typing key"

6. Click on the 2nd drop down and select numbers & symbols keys

7. Select the number you want


To set up back, forward etc:


1. Do steps 1-3 above

2. Select "mouse button"

3. Select the mouse function you would like to be mapped to that key ( forward, backward)

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Now I have another question. say I wanted to make a macro and bind it to a key for example qewr on the mouse.


1. Click on assignments tab in CUE

2. Click on the drop down for the key you want to assign a macro to

3. select "create new action"

4. name the macro

5. click on the "record" button and click the keys (on your keyboard)you want to record.

6. When you are finished click "stop" and then OK


I hope this helps

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