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K95 Saps USB after


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So this morning I decided to update to the latest recommended keyboard driver for my K95 (when I click about it says


Everything was working great then all of a sudden the lights on the K95 keyboard blink out, then back, and My mouse goes dim and unresponsive.


I could do nothing. The lights on tgeh keybaord would flicker on, then off, then on, then off... No key, No Mouse!


I tried plugging in another keyboard to try and ctl-alt-del from that keytboard but it was unusable also...


I ended up having to hold down the power button on my PC (Gigabyte Z68X-UD7-B3) to reboot and restore power to my keyboard and mouse..


I've never had any issue with my key/mouse until after the update


Anyone else experience weirdness like this post update?

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Will it also do the same thing to a different computer?


I haven't heard about the software affecting the USB ports.


Make sure you're using just one cable (keyboard icon plug) since your board looks like it has mostly 3.0 ports. (might also want to check usb driver updates with motherboard)


You can file a ticket with Tech Support if you encounter further issues.

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