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Cabride series 100R compatibility


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Hi, so recently I've wanted to switch out my Raidmax Smilodon for a case that's simpler and easier to manage (wire management behind the mobo, ability to access back of mobo without taking it out, lack of intrusive door so it's easier to move around and use front USB ports). I picked this case since it was affordable, good looking and has seemingly all that I need. After looking up some info about it, I was raised with a few concerns that hopefully this forum can either debunk or validate.


1) Will my Video Card fit with this case? PC partpicker states that it allows for 275mm max for drive bays but my card is 280mm. Will drive bays be cut off in this case even thought it's 5mm off?


2) Can I fit a potential H75 for double stacked 120mm fan cooling?


3) I saw a review for this case where they noted how the cut out for the back of the motherboard wasn't aligned with the where the CPU was and had to require a modding to have proper access to the back. Will this be the case with my mobo? http://www.thinkcomputers.org/corsair-carbide-series-100r-case-review/ last page of review shows access hole not being large enough for ATX.


Any answers would be appreciated. Thank you!

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1) As you see on corsair, its on top/first slot 414mm.

Should you use your GTX970 not in the first slot, so you will have some problems. But I don't know any reason, why you shouldn't use your GPU in the first slot.


2) see the picture from corsair. If I don't understand you correctly, so correct me please.



3) As again to see at corsair, it can be happen, that the backplate isn't full accessable from back.



Hope it helps.

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