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H80i strange temps


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Hi all,


I know this is a common thread but my sqmptoms appear different.


I have the H80i in push-pull with the corsair fans.


Everything appears to be ok. Hot water comes out of one tube and cold water is running into the block


The fans are running on quite and the pump appears to be working.


However, in any stress test of the CPU the temps rocket up to 100 degrees and thermal protection kicks in.


I have removed the block and re-applied new paste to no avail


It does not matter if the fans are running flat out or quite.. there is no effect on the temp of the chip


it idles at 50


I have even under volted the processor to 1.1 which seemed to help initially (idle at 40 max-out at 80) but a new test today (with no reboot in between) shows temps are back to really high


here is what Link is showing me



CPU is fixed at 3.5ghz but this did not help


I am at a loss.


At one point the whole system was running like clock work at 4.4ghz and reasonable temps.

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Despite CL4 showing an active pump speed, you have some sort of flow problem in the cooler. The 67C water temperature is far outside of the normal range. Since the pump speed is correct, the problem is something else internal and not fixable by you. Contact customer service and request and RMA. You will need to create an account if you don't already have one.
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Many thanks..

I have removed the cooler and it is on its way back to corsair.

I have the stock 1 inch high cooler on there now and temp s are great 34 idle.

Looking forward to seeing how well a working h80i does

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Just to complete the thread..


Corsair accepted the h80i back (after 2.5 years) and replaced it with a new h80i V2..


Now THAT is customer service!


The system is currently idling at 27 degrees over clocked to 4.4 with vcore at 1.2 and maxed out at 67 degs (quiet profile)


THANK YOU corsair

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This is just the thread I was looking for as my Partner also has had this issue with her H80i. Pretty much the exact same thing. So we're sitting here waiting for the RMA to come through first before we sent it back.

Fingers crossed they can help us as we moved countries since we bought the cooler so hopefully they can sort us out with an RMA.

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