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1 year later and firmware updates still buggy?


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When I first got my K95 RGB, getting the CUE software to work was a hassle, not to mention a firmware update. The keyboard would just constantly bug out during an update.


Still no change apparently, the latest firmware update does not even want to install, and after it fails it would remove the K95 from the devices list until a full restart is done.


Any one had luck with getting it to work properly?


Tried switching it to bios mode (polling switch) and it doesn't change anything.


Update: Fixed. Solution for anyone with the same problem :


You have to switch it to 125mhz polling rate before trying to update. Damn it Corsair, can't you make things simple as they should be?

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Well, the FW update for me works without moving the switch in the back. It really depends also from the system configuration in the end. No way to test every configuration out there :p:
Same here. Just got a K95 RGB last week (together with an M65 PRO RGB), and I've experienced no software/firmware update issues whatsoever. Didn't have to move the switch in the back either.
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