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Corsair Link + H110i GTX fan problem


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hey guys so i have bought a h110i gtx again as my old AIO decided to die and im having a problem with the fans


while im idle they are (Fans) perfectly fine but as soon as i start gaming they ramp up to 100% while set on silent mode or any mode set for that matter and once i exit the game after a few second they go back to normal.


im also using corsair link 3.2.5742 as this is the best version for me since any other version doesnt seem to work correctly (showing fans and so on)


is there a fix to this if so please can someone point me in the right direction please

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  1. Post a screen shot showing how the fans are configured.
  2. Quote the H110iGTX coolant temperatures and fan speeds for the slow and fast states.
  3. Try using a custom curve.


these screens good enough?





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Your gaming screen shot shows a water temperature (H110GTX Cooler Temp) of 40C. This is going to provoke a near maximum fan speed on the default, balanced, and performance profiles. As suggested above, you likely want to make yourself a custom curve, particularly with a 980 Ti. That card puts out a lot of waste heat and it will affect your internal case temperatures. A combination high GPU load with moderate CPU load may actually produce higher water temperatures than a 100% CPU alone. That doesn't mean the cooler won't work and it doesn't mean you need maximum fan speeds. Adjust the fans to run a more a reasonable rate in your gaming water temp zone. Keeping the rear exhaust fan at a higher speed may also help get some of the waste heat out before influencing the radiator area.
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