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Help with timings I'm noobish

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Hi folks I'm new to these boards and had a few questions about my ram timings. A couple of months backs I bought 2 x 256 mb sticks of xms 3500 corsair platinum and since then it's ran great but I used the default timings.

I'm trying to OC but I can't seem to run stable @ 200 fsb or more and yes I've upped the CPU voltage to 1.75. I'm not real clear on what the individual timings mean or the order they are in (IE 2,3,3,7,1t) <-- this makes no sense to me I have no 1t in my bios so I can't set it up to corsair's recommended speed which is: 2-3-3-7-1t what is 1t? Is my 350 watt PSU to blame? :confused:


Here's my stuff:


a7n8x-e deluxe

xp2500 barton (locked I think)

Geforce TI4400 128 MB

350 watt PSU (not sure of manufacturer)

2x256 mb Corsair XMS 3500

7200 rpm seagate 80 gig

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I'm not familiar with the BIOS' of Asus mainboards, as the last Asus board I owned was for a Pentium 200MHz MMX, but it's possible those options might be hidden. For some boards, you have to hit Shift-F2 or Alt-F3 or some similar type of key combination to unlock those BIOS options. You may want to try searching around to see if this is the case. I wouldn't suspect your power supply yet. Another suggestion is maybe you're just aiming too high. A 200fsb setting on a 2500+ would be pretty high I believe, it's possible your CPU just can't handle that. I'm not pro with overclocking though, so maybe check around and see what other folks with 2500+'s have managed to achieve.
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1T is command rate. It is 1T by default on your board. This can't be changed. You can, however, flash to a modded bios with the 2T Command Rate, set.


2T works better for 2x512 and OC'ability. 1T works well for 2x256.


command rate explanation: http://www.lostcircuits.com/memory/ddr2/4.shtml


you may need more Vcore, since your barton is locked, to do 11x200.


use slots 1&3 in the asus.


use timings CAS 2.5, 3-3-11 for now. once u get it stable, then u can drop to CAS 2.0. and tighten from there.


good luck.

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Plus, you really need to have something OTHER THAN STOCK cooling if you want a 200fsb on that xp2500. I'm afraid that stock hsf won't cool it properly and you may get it really hot and unstable. You probably won't fry it, but it's not good none the less.


There are a number of great coolers out there....

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