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M65 PRO rgb vs M65 Vengeance question


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Have used M65 Vengeance {2} for past 2 years, just got M65 PRO RGB. One thing I have loved about the Vengeance, you can choose hardware or software playback of any profile, and not have the software running. I don't see how this is possible with m65 pro and CUE software. The advantage for me was to remap sniper button to key, rather than dpi, and not run any add'l software. Having 3 thumb buttons is perfect and clear advantage in game I play. But I can't seem to do that w/pro without CUE running. Is this right? Sniper button can only be dpi button if CUE not running?


Wouldn't be an issue, if it didn't feel like CUE is causing me some problems...like shooting dpi waaay up sometimes, and has only happened in high computing demand game situations.


So no more hardware playback?

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