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H80i high temps and clicking noise


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Hi folks,


I've been using my Corsair h80i for quite a while now, but over the last 6 months or so have steadily been overclocking my cpu.


I recently noticed that temperatures have been getting very high under load, along with fairly high temperatures at idle. I've put my BIOS settings back to default, but still get fairly high temperatures (see bottom of post).


Along with this I'm getting a clicking noise coming from the pump.





It seems occur mostly after playing a high processing intensity game, and has the most "frequent" clicks (as you hear on the video) after this. I have also noticed it at bootup and other random times. It seems to go away as randomly as it can appear.


Also I'm seeing what might be a fairly large difference between the CPU temps and the pump temps at load. About 20C difference.


Any ideas as to the issues I have?


Temps (OC then idle)

OC (was using this for a good few weeks... eep) 90C 55C

Default BIOS settings 80C 40C

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Unless you were demonstrating your exceptional skills as a typist in the background, you need to RMA the unit. You will need to create a set of log-in credentials, if you don't already have them. Irritating clicking aside, if that is a 55C water temperature, there is some sort of flow problem developing and it's probably mechanical in origin.
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Heh, I'm fast, but not that fast :D


Thanks for the advice, I thought those temps seemed off, but had never really taken notice of them before.


I'm going to try reseating it tomorrow on a new bit of kit I'm getting to make sure it's not the paste being ****ty.


I'm not sure I have the receipt anywhere, it was a gift. So how boned am I on a warranty anyway?

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It's possible the pump noise and temperature rise are two separate issues, but most likely they are connected. With failing or misapplied TIM, you will get hot and erratic CPU temps, but relatively mild water temperatures since the heat does not transfer well from the CPU lid to the block and water stream. High water temps usually mean some kind of flow problem or an external blockage of the radiator. It certainly sounds like a mechanical pump on its way to failure.


Without the receipt, I am not sure your chances are very good. That is the one thing they insist on since there is no required registration process. However, the warranties are non-transferable and thus the receipt requirement. But you should try anyway.

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