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Sabre RGB Mouse USB3.0 issue?


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Hey folks,


Quick question. I've been having issues with my system for a while. For example, I would click the back button on my mouse while browsing and then sometimes the page I clicked back from would suddenly spring back.


Sometimes WoW wouldn't register my mouseclicks, as if it was trying to click through the WoW window behind it. I would see the 'blip' off the cursor with the click, but nothing would happen on the dialogue box or button I was trying to interact with. I'd have to start spam clicking to get it to finally click whatever I wanted in WoW. Much less prevalent but it did also occasionally happen in Windows - needing to click six or seven times for a window to be maximised from the taskbar, for example.


Anyway, after eliminating browser problems (issue present in Firefox, Chrome and also File Explorer) and virus/malware (system clean in Avast and MBAM), I figured it may be the mouse.


I had a gander and my mouse was plugged into a USB3.0 port. I've switched it to a USB2.0 port and just tried WoW for 20 minutes and not once did the unregistered click issue occur. I also haven't seen an instance of the browser reloading an old page yet, though admittedly that issue is one of those that can go without occuring for a few hours and then suddenly start up on every other page without warning.


I am thinking though that it was being plugged into a USB3.0 port that was the problem.


Just wanted to know whether this is a known issue? Being someone who builds my own systems, I'm also one of those annoying people who discards manuals so I don't know whether I've already been warned not to have it plugged into a USB3.0 port.

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