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Unable to remove H75 cooler from motherboard


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I bought a new motherboard, processor, and RAM recently. I'm unable to remove my H75 cooler completely from my old socket 1155 Motherbaord. I'm unable to remove one of the LGA 115X standoffs from the Intel back plate because the metal sleeve inside the back plate keeps spinning inside the plastic sleeve of the Intel back plate pin. I got the pin part way out when the sleeve started spinning inside the back plate pin.


At this point the only ways I can figure out how to get the two parts apart mean possibly damaging the pack plate pin, standoff, or motherboard.


At this point I might be able to cut the back plate pin sleeve off or cut the thinner part of the standoff off with my Dremel and cutting wheel. Or I might be able to grind down the plastic pin and crop the inner metal sleeve with needle nose pliers to get stop the inner sleeve from spinning so I can get the back plate pin off.


Any other suggestions?

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Would a drop of super/crazy glue stop it spinning?


I thought about that, but if it any runs up inside the sleeve it would glue the standoff to the inside of the sleeve. I was hoping to find another way to remove it before making the situation worse.

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