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Is my Corsair CMK32GX4M4B3000C15 memory performing as expected


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I have some corsair vengeance lpx ddr4 memory and I am concerned that it is not performing up to expectations. I ran "userbenchmark" and it said I am in the low 20% of performance expectations. I ran aida 64 and it showed I have a memory bandwidth of 30-31gbs. Is that normal? I thought it should be higher, but I don't really know.


I have xmp enabled and the memory runs at 3000mhz.





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My bad, i thought you were on X99. For Z170 dual channel is normal with four sticks.


I get around 42K/46K/42K for Read/Copy/Write in Aida64 with my Vengeance LPX @ DDR4-3000 15-17-17-36 2T (6700K, ASUS Maximus VIII Gene). So your scores are still a bit on the low side and your latency seems a bit too high as well.


Edit, did a quick rerun for you:




Care to show us your full timings? (You can use the ASRock Timing Configurator for that.)

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I have attached a picture of my timings using the Asrock timing configurator. I am now contemplating getting different memory, if it's worth it. I built my current computer so I wouldn't be lacking in any of the hardware components, but with memory that is not performing up to par....I am thinking about getting some different memory now.




I must also say that for some reason I can't insert images into my posts? I have tried to drag from my desktop to the "reply to post" and it only comes up as an attachment or just text on the post. It's probably something simple but until then, I will keep adding attachments.


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Upload the file at an image filehoster and then insert the link between tags.


I don't think the memory itself is at fault. It looks like the mainboard fails to train the timings properly during POST. So while this might not happen with a different kit, it could even get worse, if your board has issues automatically training 4x8GB at that frequency in general.


You have other options though, like testing the memory at DDR4-2800 and see if that actually improves performance** or manually tweaking the DDR4-3000 settings for performance.


**at DDR4-2800 you should get 41K/43K/41K in Aida64 Read/Copy/Write with a latency of ~ 45ns.

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