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Red light dead on K95 RGB?


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I just noticed the red light on my W key is not working properly (it doesn't lit up). Is this something fixable?


I checked CUE en I have the W key set to red. all my other keys seem to be working fine. When I set it to the rainbow layout all colors seems to work except red on the W key.




I uploaded a video here: https://vid.me/rRr2


Apologies for the vertical video :x

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Try right clicking and clearing it, otherwise it's probably a faulty LED.


Yea I think it's a faulty LED. Cleared it but have the same problem.


Setting it to orange makes it look green, making it pink makes it look blue and making it red and it doesn't light up.

I should have no problem with trading it in right? I have the keyboard for like ~6 months.

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I assume that you prefer the good ol' sails logo?


We all do, thank you for making the decision to bring it back.


I had to contact multiple stores before I ordered my K95 recently to make sure I'll get one with the sails logo not the... how do I put it in family-friendly terms... let's say... "rear antlers of a female who isn't exactly looking for a long-term relationship" ;)

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