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No reciept no warranty...?

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So Iv talked to the friendly corsair people online from the "ticket system".

Iv got 4 chips whwre 2 are dying. But the problem is that the store that sold em are gone and the reciept I cannot even remember Iv had.

Iv got all my reciept lined up, but not this one.


Was hoping to build a fist computer with my kid with these kits, so im a bit bummed out.

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The receipt is used to verify the warranty status for the product.


If you do not have a receipt but you payed by card, you may be able to use the credit card statement as an alternative.


Corsair warranty policy can be found here;




Trioed that but they said they could inly help me if the band statement showed thae actual purchase. And bank statements doessent do that here im afraid.

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