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ASUS MB + Wake-on-LAN = Lightning issues (Strafe RGB)


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Note. All of this has ben tested on the following MB: Asus P5Q (Intel P45), Asus P8P67 Deluxe (Intel P67), Asus P9X79 Pro (Intel X79)

KB Firmware tested: 1.33 & 2.04. Bootloader: 0.14


1. First, the issue:


Computer has been shutdown for 2 hours o more. (This is important)

I turn it on...POST screen, the keyboard lights up and...

¡It only show one color of the RGB, missing the other two!

Usually the color that shows is red, while green and blue are missing.


When Windows boots and CUE starts up, the issue persists.

The problem has nothing to do with driver o CUE Software. because it alredy shows up in the POST screen when

KB lights on for the first time.


As I said before, this issue arises only when the computer has been shutdown for a while (>= 2h).


2. Ways to fix:


1-Plugging off the keyboard and wait for 1 minute before plugging it on again.

2-Shutting down the computer and then switching off the PSU and wait for 20 seconds.

3-Force firmare update (this fixes colors without plugging of or rebooting).


3. Cause:


After days and hours trying everything you can imagine (BIOS setting, switching USB ports -including 3.0-, trying other PCs, etc.)

I'have finally figured out where the problem is:


On ASUS mobos you turn on WoL by Enablig a setting called "Power On By PCI" (or PCI/PCIE for latest models). The USB bus is BRIDGED to

the PCI bus so PCI bus works as interface between Chipset and USB Host Controller/s.








This means that when you enable this setting you'are also enabling the capability to power on by USB devices (indeed, i can power on the computer with a click of the mouse).


THIS IS EXACTYL with 100% probability what is messing with the keyboard and causing the problem. When the setting "Power On By PCI" is Disabled everything works fine,

when is Enabled then the lightning issue is back again.


Having to renounce an important feature such as WoL to make the KB light work properly is absolute annoying. We are talking about

very widesprad motherboards, not a rare MB or a very specific model.


A Corair representative should report this to development team. I would like to know if there will be a solution in the future as I'm considering to

return the KB since I need WoL capability.

If you need more details, please just ask.

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If I understand correctly, if your computer start up (not wake up), then you can't change the color and it will stay all time in this only one color?


That's right. As if it was a RED LED keyboarrd, or BLUE one, depending on the color it gets stuck on (usually RED or BLUE).

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Very impressive troubleshooting, I love when someone digs deep to find the issue and shares with everyone.


Thank's. But the main reason of the post is to catch the attention of a Corsair Member so they can investigate and fix the issue if it's caused by the bootloader or the firmware.


It would be very helpul if all of you could replicate the problem -no matter the Motherboard brand- and report. Also it would be interesting to see if this behavior is inherited from K series (I doubt because it would be already a common known issue). :feedback:



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