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Just got a Scimitar RGB and it doesn't work with the profile I have been using

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Link to download them all: https://mega.nz/#!MBIADaZB!LhYHC4yGm00VJnrEav45P_wFywd8rZMBwqrEL3TezLY



I've been using this profile and modes for a few months with my K70 RGB and a M65 RGB. The profiles worked fine with both that keyboard and mouse, I recently replaced my M65 RGB with a Scimitar RGB and the profile doesn't work on the mouse. I'm assuming its because this profile was made before the Scimitar came out, how can I get this profile and modes to work with my Scimitar?

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You can change the model name in the file to work for Scimitar


I was asking how do you do that.


theres literally only 3 lights, how hard could that be lol.


That's not the point. I have other profiles that don't currently work with my Scimitar. If there is an easy way to quickly fix the profiles I would rather do that, if not then I'll just do the lighting for each profile and mode.

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