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Firmware Update Issue


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Hello everyone,


I've just recently updated my Corsair Strafe Silent firmware to the latest version (2.04), and I have an issue.


When I leave the Corsair Logo On and the other keys are Off, 4 keys remains On with a soft red light, it's like those keys get stuck with that colour.


It's strange because before the update the keyboard worked fine. Did anyone had similar problems with the latest firmware?


Can I downgrade the firmware to the previous version?, the keyboard part number is CH-9000121-NA


Thanks everyone :)

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I updated mine just now and do not have the issue. You may want to force update the firmware again. Which keys are still illuminated for you?


Hi Henry,


Thanks for your answer.


Yes, I did that several times but still have that issue. It's strange cause only happens with a few colors like yellow, blue, red, white, between others (when I leave the logo in Green these four keys are Off).


The logo light is set at maximun brightness and the keys that remains illuminated are 1, 2 and 6 from the numerical pad, and the one on the right of FN key. I only notice that if the brightness is at 100%, otherwise they don't illuminate.

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