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Corsair VOID repeated disconnect (and short range)

Xane Tempest

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I don't want to start off with a complaint in this forum, but sadly, can't find a related thread that matches my issue.


I often have my sound cut-out (somehow stopping the playback of the music I am listening to in WMP) and I need to change my default audio device, turn the headset off and back on, remove and replace the dongle and generally fiddle around until it reluctantly reconnects.

the CUE simply says 'malfunction' when this happens. I can't find any further information


I am sat less than six feet from my PC and with exception of my keyboard and legs, there's nothing between me and the dongle.


I also find that I can't leave the room. My walls must be seriously blocking because I can't even step outside of the room before I hear a disconnect tone and the music stops.

(I don't know anything about frequencies, but the cheap argos-bought headset I'm replacing with the VOID is good to half way up the road)


I have a bit of an issue with volume too (VERY loud. I have my PC's volume turned down to 15%). Should I post a new topic for that?



OK, if i place my hand over the left ear-cup (the one with the mic) I lose all sound... this can't be right! I know I'm a lightning rod, but this is crazy!

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tbh, i think you might be in a wifi 2.4ghz polution.. as in, to much 2.4ghz wireless signal around you.. this is what i think the issue is.. :/


Thank you very much for the reply!

I have disabled my 2.4 Ghz band on my wi-fi; That has fixed the close-range issues. I can't block it with my hand any more at least.


However, it is still disconnecting at random and even when it seems stable, I still can't leave the room (the door is three feet from the dongle).


I can't go around and shut off my neighbours wi-fi if they're the issue.


Even as I'm writing this, it just disconnected and I can't seem to reconnect it again.

I'm not sure if it helps, but when it disconnects like this, all the audio feedback seems to stop. even when I turn it off, it barely makes a sound (I think I hear a single tone sometimes when shutting it off)

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