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keyboard not detected (again apparently)


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RE: K70R keyboard

The CUE loads but does not detect a device. (Profiles is greyed out)

I've seen some instructions but they ain't working..


Win 7 pro, Amd 965, Asrock 890GX Extreme3 board


I have the keyboard lead plugged into a 3.0 usb (the other double arrow plug unattached) .. i have also tried the two plugs in 2.0 usbs with no better luck.


I've uninstalled and reinstalled the current CUE a few times and pulled the drivers from the keyboard and mouse. [i had a logitech multi-media keyboard and 518 mouse. They now gang the drivers for their keyboard and mouse together so I have no logitech drivers at the moment. MS is running both.] I wanted to get CUE working before trying to get the right driver for the mouse. Driver for the keyboard is showing MS 2006. But for "Location" i get .. "on Corsair composite virtual input device."


I don't know how to tell if my "device is supported."

The keyboard is lit up. The USB is supposed to be +500mA.. i see no spec on this in my board manual.


I did notice a thread where someone didn't want to use the software and the response was that the firmware still had to be updated but if the device isn't detected I don't think you get an option to update the firmware.


I'm struggling guys.. I'd appreciate any suggestions.

thanks, Marc


come on fellas .. i could use some insight.

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  • Corsair Employees

Hello fencr850,


We will first need to know which keyboard you own. There is a part number on the underside of the keyboard, please provide us with that. That way we can determine if you have an older K70 that does not use CUE

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  • Corsair Employees



According to the part number, this is one of the first iterations of our K70 mechanical keyboard. The version you have is not compatible with CUE, that is why it is not detecting. The unit you have is basically plug and play.

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