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CUE issues? Say it ain't so!


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Hey, forums. Last night, my K95 RGB model CH-9000220-NA arrived to replace my dead OG K90, and after quite a lot of fiddling it finally works as an actual keyboard. Unfortunately, CUE doesn't. When I first pulled it out of the box, CUE didn't see it at all. Constant "no device detected" boxes. Those have gone. Now, the keyboard seemingly works... But with no access to the software's profiles tab, and the device settings tab looks like this.


Win7 x64. Every driver in my system is up to date. CUE 1.16.42. Keyboard 1.30.

I saw a post that included specific firmware and earlier software versions, so I tried using those hoping for some sort of compatibility breakthrough. The issue persisted, but at least the manual firmware update let me use my keyboard with the polling rate switch set to 1 instead of only BIOS.


An actual response from tech support is probably about four days away... And while I could wait, I want to play with lights! D:


Any ideas? I've installed, uninstalled, reinstalled, rebooted, deleted, regedited, device managed, plugged, unplugged, changed plugs, tried every combination of USB 2.0 ports and both USB 3.0 ports on my motherboard... None of the fixes I've been reading on the forums have worked for me. At least I can type on it :p

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I've actually read through that thread, and tried 1.11.86, which had the exact same issue. I suppose I'll exhaust all the version options. Thanks for the input. :biggrin:


Edit: Nope. None of those versions did anything differently.


Edit: It's some conflict on my rig. It worked perfectly on a different (win10) machine. Support's official response seems to be to leave it at "that's extremely weird". I don't know what to do anymore and I've already spent far too much time on the issue. I'm upset, but I can't rightly blame Corsair. Software is hard. I'll probably return it and try some other RGB keyboard, which is a shame, because I love Corsair's build quality and aesthetic. My M95 and 780T will miss it. Now I'm just rambling, have a good one. :)

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