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My way to fix CUE for VOID Wireless headset and win7 drivers


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Ok now i think i ve definitly found the solution for a lot people in my situation, i ve found a soft called DSEO ( Driver signature enforcement overrider ), with this i was enable to sign and verify the corsair driver that windows can't verify ( for all who get the code 52 error verifying ) i ve followed this in order to know how to use this soft (link below) :





Look at the second page



Install the soft, choose enable test mode.


You should get a confirmation window telling you that Test Mode has been enabled. Click the OK button to go back to the DSEO window. Now select “Sign a System File” and click Next. You will now have to type in the specific file name including full path and click OK.


For us the good driver to sign its : ( just copy and paste this in the soft )




You'll get a confirmation of success.


Restart your computer and the driver is now loaded and the program should work.


For me everything work fine now, i mean the headset roll on 8 channels under win7 and i can use CUE properly with all settings working great and its amazing !


Hope i ll help a lot of you, send me feedback about this.


And last thing before doing this, you have to get the yellow sign on CORSAIR Gaming wireless headset in your device manager


( yellow sign = corsair drivers installed but unsigned )


Enjoy !

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