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Endless/Continuous waves or ripples


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Is this possible? I want to create an effect similar to the Rainbow Wave Preset from the Standard Settings, but with different colors. But between the waves, there's always a pause! If I shorten the time that they stay alive, the effect just blinks out instantly when the next wave starts. With slower waves, the first wave leaves the keyboard before the second one starts...


I couldn't find any info on how to do this, is there a way?

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From what I can tell there is no way to do this with the wave effect, and you have to just make a lot of gradients with different timings to do this.


What is really infuriating is that the unofficial linux driver can do this no problem, but the official windows CUE software cannot.


It's been requested to have overlapping wave functions in the request thread, but I don't think they'll ever add it.

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