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Auto in bios just stays the same?


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Dominator Platinum Series 3200MHz 16gb (2x8gb)


In my bios the profile for memory is set to Auto. Checking the Frequency in CPUz shows the frequency at 1066Mhz.


If I enable XMI profile 1, cpuz shows 1600MHz.


If the setting is set to Auto is it supposed to increase to 1600Mhz or will always stay at 1066MHz?


I was thinking it would increase as and when needed and drop back as CPU does, but this doesn't seem to happen.

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That is correct and the voltage is fixed as well and that is where your power and temperature "savings" would originate. However, since DDR4 typically uses a voltage in the range of 1.20-1.35v and this is considerably lower than the 1.50-1.65 of the DDR3 it's replacing, this probably is not the best place to go looking for additional savings. If you are curious, most kits can be run at 1.20v up to the 2666 MHz setting. After that, you usually need more and it is timing dependent.
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