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Possible to Generate Reference Sheet of Actions & Assignments?


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I have been investigating whether it would be possible to generate a "reference sheet" that would provide a printable guide that references the actions that I have created in Corsair CUE and their associated profiles. Essentially, I'd like to be able to print (save to pdf) a document similar to the "Actions List".


Would be helpful if the actions list included additional columns (e.g. profile, keyboard assignments) - I've created a naming convention for my macros as a work around (image 1) but unable to sort in this view so limited utility.


The Actions tab view (image 2) provides more flexibility as you can sort by any of the provided columns, I don't believe you can resize the columns so my macro names are all truncated.


Please let me know if anyone has ideas on how I might generate a reference list of my programmed macros as described.


Thanks in advance.




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