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Obsidian 250D - Can i fit a H110i


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Hello and thanks for your reply,

It's hard actualy to found a H100i, do you have an idea of an alternate AIO which can fit in the 250D?

The spec in my search must consist in:

- A rad <= 27mm?

- 2 fans <= 120mm?

Thanks again

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Ok.. This AIO does not really fit,

One pipe go on the jack output of the motherboard and one fan go on the 8 pins power...

I'm buying 2 slim fans 15mm Thermaltake http://fr.thermaltake.com/products-model.aspx?id=C_00002614 for the second problem.

For the first problem i moved the AIO on the right but the rad is just attach by 4 screw instead of the 8 in the package.

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