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H100i v2 Pump Noise


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Yesterday I bought H100i v2 after reading some reviews and actually I was sure that in v2 corsair fixed all earlier problems.

But now I'm facing a problem with a constant pump noise/buzzing.


I read almost everything (I think) releating this problem and still can't find any solution.


When pump rpm set to around of 1900 I can hear buzzing, not loud but it audible.

When pump set to around 3000 rpm (in performance mode) I can clearly hear the pump noise even on the other side of my room.


Also tried to use Noctua low noise adapter as advised in some thread but the sound of pump was even worser on 1900 rpm with this adapter.

I have a good Corsair PSU my 12v rail is completely OK (12.056).

My H100i firmware version -


Any suggestions what I should do?


Here is a video with the sound I'm getting on 3000 rpm pump.



What I'm getting on 1900 rpm pump


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I am confused as the videos look like a H100i rather than a H100iV2. Are these of your system?

Unfortunately, not from my system - I found it on YouTube.

I mounted my system late at the night yesterday and have no time to record video from my system.


Today I'll try to record videos from my own pump and upload it on YouTube.

Anyway the videos above describing my problem exactly as it is.

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You can skip the video upload. Unfortunately, some of use know the sound exactly. It is not a design issue, but a manufacturing/assembly issue with the pump. It is not limited to a specific model, but pump manufacturing in general across other brands as well. A certain percentage of units come off the line this way. You should either a) return it to the retailer you purchased from; or b) start an RMA with Corsair and make sure they know this is a brand new unit. Choose whichever option is best for you. There are only a handful of Corsair RMA centers, so depending on where you live this may or may not be practical.
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C-Attack thank you for your reply.


I'm actually very new to liquid cooling.

Can you please tell me is there any H100i cooling systems (in your practice) that working completely silent?


Today I've read a lot of info and many-many users facing this problem.

Many of them telling, that if you’re on low RPM pump (around 1900) you anyway could hear some kind of noise but it's really silent.

They telling that any liquid cooling system (pumps) producing some noises and it’s completely normal.


Is it true?

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What you are experiencing is not normal for an H100i V2 or any other model. The hum/buzz is something that happens when you don't get a electric motor (the pump) put together just right. This can happen in anything with any electric motor. Yes, all pumps and motors produce some level of noise. However, you should not be able to hear the pump unless you put your head inside the case and certainly not above minimal fan speeds when quietly working at your desk. There's a good chance that part of what you are hearing is vibrations from the motor traveling through the board and then resonating elsewhere. Higher pump speeds, more vibration and noise.


So, if the H100i GTX is the model you like and fits your needs, get another. It is unlikely to have the same issue. I can't give you a percentage of units afflicted, but just about every person who encounters this is likely to post. It's a strange issue that you can't really see what's wrong, the unit appears to work fine, and you wonder if you made a mistake somewhere. What you don't want to do is stall, thinking you can fix it or it will get better. The opposite is true. It is more likely to become worse with age.

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