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Random freezes when CMK16GX4M2B3200C16 running on full speed

Johann Weyer

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Hi, i have problem with CMK16GX4M2B3200C16 RAM kit, i have annoying freezes after random amounts of time. It's happening when I'm trying to run RAM with XMP profile or just on 3200 Mhz manually. Also, it runs fine with stock 2133 Mhz, and now I'm trying it with 2800 - but is it possible to run it on full speed w/o any issues? :P

Ah yes, i have Core i7 6700k, MSI Z170 Gaming M7 with latest bios. Memory passing memtest with fine.

Sorry for my engrish.

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The freezes are BSODs? If so, what stop codes did you get?

Is your BIOS up to date?


As already stated in the other thread, you probably have to tweak CPU SA and IO voltages for stability yourself.


In addition if the system does not freeze upon every system start and you are oberserve big fluctations in tertiary timings, it might be worth trying to manually fix those to known good values, but i don't know how user friendly your Z170 Gaming M7 is with that.

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Yeah, thanks, for now i know that this RAM simply crashing and shutting down my PC when it runs in dual channel mode. With single channel mode (single stick) pc working perfectly stable for days with full speed. This is widely spread problem (according to google xD)

So, there is 3 possible problems:

1) Bad RAM (90%)

2) Bad memory controller in the CPU (1%)

3) Corrupted DIMM slot (9%)

I will try to replace RAM stick into another slots, and if did't help, buy new RAM. Then i will report my results here.

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Testing 1) Check if either stick is working just fine if used by itself in a working slot.


Testing 3) Change both sticks to the alternate slots for dual channel. Most of the time it is not the slot itself thats the problem but pins in socket that are bent causing issues, even though more often then not the slot then is completely dead until the pins are fixed.


However since you said you could run memtest without errors on both sticks, that does not sound like 1 or 3 and more like bad settings/voltage issues.

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