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I've been using the Scimitar for about two weeks now after having been using the Redragon Perdition. First off I'd like to say I really like the Perdition, but I am not unhappy at all with the Scimitar.


I bought the Scimitar mainly because I was getting the Strafe RGB Silent keyboard (replacing razer's Black Widow Ultimate <not so> Silent) and I really loathe having more processes running than necessary so CUE for both devices. Plus from what I could see in the images online of the Scimitar it was very similar to the Perdition already AND the 12 side thumb button pad could be slid forward or backward to better fit my hand.


So form criticism after using it for a couple of weeks:


#1 The side buttons need a bit more tactile designation.

One of the things that made the Perdition such a nice mouse for me was that the first and second rows of thumb buttons are slanted toward each other and the same for the last two rows. This makes it very easy to be sure that my thumb is on the correct button before I depress it. It also makes the back rows easier to depress.


#2 The slide function needs to add some distance both forward and backwards.

Not much. Perhaps 3 mm forward and 4 to 5 backward.


#3 The dpi buttons...

I've never really understood why these get put behind the mouse. It is not a convenient placement what so ever when playing games in which that function is actually needed. You need to be able to switch quickly between dpi settings when you actually need to switch them at all and having to contort your hand in such a way to be able to hit those buttons means your mouse is moving every which way but where you need it while you do so... generally losing you the shot (use this reference as it's mostly in shooters that a gamer even needs to mess with dpi). Why not one button on the left of the wheel and another on the right? Button size even the same as what is being used now.


Okay to finish I don't want this to sound as if I'm bashing on the mouse. I like it. It is taking some getting used to but I'm liking it. The sensitivity of the LMB and RMB is awesome, although it has caused me to fire into a friendlies back a few times now that is on me not the mouse as I just need to get used to the fact that it takes very little pressure to depress those buttons.


So far I'm happy with the mouse and am only making these suggestions for consideration in future productions of this style of mouse. :D:

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