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[Help]LED Issues


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I had my keyboard for a year and 2/3 months, i am in the process of finding a solution thru RMA but is going turtle slow...


2 Weeks ago some of the LEDs started to malfunction, the esc key doesnt light up at all, R/6/` keys light in some colors and flicker if i choose color pulse or any other profile


But if i select type lighting (key) and press ESC several other keys light up (F2, A, Q, CTRL, F4, F5, F7, F8 for example) if i press R all the keys in the same row from A to ] light up, if i hit 6 on the numrow serveral others light up.


I could make a video to show it clearly, i dont know if this problem is software/hardware related, i tried to force update but nothing changed, i wanted to try downgrading but i cant find any of the older firmwares.

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