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One key does not display certain colors correctly


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I've had my K70 RGB since 11 - 7 -2014. A few months ago, I noticed that when I set all my keys to white, the M key comes out very pinkish. I am not sure if the LED is dying or if the software is messed up. The key is also a darker orange when I changed all the keys to orange and is a slightly darker purple when I set all the keys to pink (default colors). I can't really take a picture because I don't have any good cameras. Also, I can't use the older RGBKeyboardSpectrograph. The program says "K70-RGB not found". I know the original programmer doesn't support the program anymore, but I just wanted to make note if it. It seemed to stop working when the firmware was updated.

Software Version - 1.16.42

Fireware - 2.04


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