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Another HX650 with chirping noise


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Hi, I recently bought a factory refurbished HX650, but it turned out to be plagued with the infamous chirping/squealing noise. I thought that it would have been fixed by now. Just posting a few links to show what I am talking about













I am thinking to request an RMA, but is it certain that the replacement will be free of that issue or are there still units that are affected by it?


Thank you.

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I would suggest to try some simple methods to allocate the issue with the PSU buzzing sound.


1. Plug the PSU to an outlet without any other electrical components.

2. Try using a surge protector to see if it would assist with the buzzing.

3. PSU buzzing/coil whine can be caused by other components (GPU).


And if you're still unable to allocate the issue Please submit a ticket so that we may be able to better assist you.

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Thank you for your help. I have tried all of those, but I don't think it is related to coil whine. From what I read in those links it is related to the fan spinning up and down during load. I submitted a ticket. The ticket number is 6770660.
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