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I am not a gamer, but love the look and feel of the K65. I use it for typing-up long and tedious scientific papers about my cancer research work. Therefore, I just want it to operate in a standard way with a PC using a USB connection - i.e. plug it into the PC and it works!


Unfortunately, there are a few issues:


1. The go-faster BIOS option means it doesn't work with my PC unless I select the '8' setting. This means that the top right indicator flashes which is distracting. I fixed this problem by covering it with black tape.


2. I had a problem with Excel which occasionally seems to enter some sort of strange mode when used with one of my K65 keyboards. I've never encountered this type of problem before and I wasted most of my morning identifying it. I guess this is again down to the keyboard's turbo-charging of BIOS integration.




1. Is there some keyboard firmware I can download that would make the BIOS integration standard so it would operate just like the hundreds of other PC keyboards I've used in my time? Frankly, I've never had a problem with any of them in terms of PC BIOS integration. The standard serial settings work fine.


2. If the firmware isn't available, would Corsair consider developing it? It should be really simple as I just want a very basic implementation. I suspect there are many other professionals like me who spend >12 hours a day typing so want a decent keyboard. It's big market.


3. If Corsair can't help, does anyone know where I can get a keyboard for less than $300 that has a similar look and feel, but none of the hassles?





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1) No, there is no special firmware available. Rather it is strange that it doesn't work outside of BIOS mode in windows. What OS/motherboard do you have?! (see also #2).


2) I honestly doubt Corsair is going to spend any time on this kind of request, together with yours I have probably seen only other 2 similar requests. There is an unofficial driver for Linux/OSX in case you don't use windows, is that your issue? You have not mentioned the OS so I'm not sure.


3) There are a few similar products but none with an aluminum body that I know of, they are all plastic. I might be wrong thought, I have not looked around much for keyboards lately. And it would not be proper to discuss competing products here in the "open". If I can think of anything I'll send you a PM maybe.

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I'm using a standard Windows Surface Pro 3 with Windows 10 Pro.


The point am I making is that there is a huge market for quality keyboards, but Corsair is engaging only with a small segment - i.e. gamers. Therefore it is not surprising that there a few requests from people outside this community in their forums. However, it may be that the Corsair CEO has some interest in expanding his customer base so my suggestion might trigger an exploration into other markets.


Frankly in the last thirty years I've never encountered a keyboard compatibility problem in a computer with IBM PC architecture. The Pheonix BIOS and its derivatives just work in this respect. Therefore there must be something wrong with the Consair firmware. This is supported by the number of posts about keyboard problems on this forum. I would respectfully suggest that providing some mechanism to switch to a standard keyboard firmware implementation may help isolate the problem. It would also allow people to still use their keyboard in case of difficultly.


Thanks for your comments anyway.

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