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512mb Corsair PC3200XL vs 1 gb Corsair ValueSelect PC3200 Dual Channel


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Since two sticks of Value Select PC3200 ram in Dual Channel costs around the same as one stick of high performance PC3200XL, which one would be the best choice for someone who does just regular computer stuff (e-mail, surfing the net) but also plays video games on occassion?


I overclock my Intel 3.0E to 3.6ghz on 5:4 timing at 1.525v. I am currently running just 512mb of Value Select RAM.


Most of the time I feel that 1gig of RAM is overkill and 512mb is enough. Would it then be better then to buy 2x256 of PC3200XL and run this in Dual Channel rather than run a single stick of 512mb PC3200XL? How much do you gain running RAM in Dual Channel anyway? Thanks.

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Dual channel helps in lots of ways. In short, 2 x 256 will outperform a similiar single 512mb stick. And, if you ONLY surf and email, then you are correct, 512mb of RAM is enough. However, if you game at all or do any other things or if you multitask, 1024mb of RAM is the way to go.


Is your current RAM a single 512mb stick or 2 x 256mb VS? If it is a single, you could probably add another 512mb VS to that BUT! you have to get an exact matching stick of the same revision. This can be hard to do as retailers usually will not verify revisions if buying on the internet.



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