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Possible fix for users having issues with CUE Audio


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Hello everyone,


Recently I picked up a corsair k65 rgb as an upgrade from my existing k70.

I also have a Void 7.1 (Wired) too.


I recently experienced issues while using the CUE software package, I had symptoms of:


TeamSpeak issues (not receiving or being able to transmit audio)

Games would have no audio or have partial audio then cut out

Abrupt audio cut out

Headset profiles being reset randomly

Headset disconnecting and reconnecting randomly

Microphone does not work



I have figured out a possible fix for these issues.



1) Install CUE and add any profiles you wish (set Dolby 7.1 to the on position)

2) Restart

3) Delete CUE (but keep user files when it asks you)

4) Restart again

5) Under device manager delete the drivers for the corsair void headset

6) restart again


It should work after that.


I think the issue pertains to the double driver problem, I think the native corsair void driver conflicts with the CUE services and causes the audio to stop working.


Hopefully this works for you.

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